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Do You Have Strategic Planning Problems?

What are your strategic planning problems?  Many executives know they need a strategic plan but are left unsatisfied with their planning efforts.  Therefore, we would like to know what you find most frustrating/disappointing about your strategic planning process. Please click on the link below to answer a short survey about Strategic Planning: If you […]

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Strategy Planning Is Messy

“Strategy planning is messy” declared one CEO as a team member expressed a desire for a more linear approach.  The team member was frustrated, because he couldn’t see the end game. The CEO went on to say, “It’s okay that it is messy.  We have to consider many alternatives and new information before we funnel […]

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Differentiating a Price Sensitive Product to a Value-Added Product

Price sensitive products – how can you differentiate? When you’re selling price sensitive products, find a way to add value, so your customers will pay a premium.  Understand your customers’ needs and preferences, however, and understand what you can do to improve your products and services. Standard Textile was faced with this dilemma – in […]

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Beat the Competition with Process Technology

Beat the Competition Aircraft engines:  how did GE beat the competition?  Mohammad Ehteshami was faced with a seemingly impossible task.  He needed to significantly increase the value of the next generation of GE jet engines.  Mr. Ehteshami had years of industry expertise and he and his team set up to achieve the objective.  After failing […]

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Silo Mentality Causes Conflict in an Organization – Can Strategic Planning Help?

Silo mentality causes conflict in an organization.  Recently, a CEO approached me to discuss strategic planning.  He knew, that to be a success, he was going to have to get rid of the silo mentality and get the team moving in the same direction. What is organizational silo mentality? When people refer to a silo […]

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