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Strategic Management – Step Three: Monitoring the Process

Monitoring the Process If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll probably wind up somewhere else.  Even with a clear implementation plan it’s possible to lose track of whether you are accomplishing your goal. For example, imagine the challenge faced by the engineers of the American transcontinental railroad. The strategic vision was that coast to […]

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Strategic Management – Step Two: Implementation

Plan the Dive, Dive the Plan The mantra of scuba divers describes one of the most important guidelines for conducting a safe and successful diving trip. In spite of the enjoyment that comes from observing the exotic reef life of some Caribbean island, every dive is potentially a life and death situation.  Therefore, it is […]

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Strategic Management: 3 Steps to the Cycle of Success-Step One

Strategic management: a sports analogy   Imagine you are the head coach of a professional football team.  You have just sent your captains onto the field to observe the coin toss for the Superbowl.  Furthermore, imagine that you and the team had been enjoying talking to reporters, relaxing around the pool and late nights. After […]

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Strategic Management: 3 Steps to the Cycle of Success

Successful strategic management involves three steps: Planning, Execution and Monitoring Developments & Progress.  With strategic management, actions speak louder than words.  Even effective strategic planning that yields the appropriate decisions can come up short on delivering performance improvements.  Strategic Management is a more powerful means of optimizing the long-term performance of an organization. The last […]

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Strategic Transformation – The Principles Jack Welch Used to Revolutionize General Electric

Organizations, large or small, are in continual need of strategic transformation. Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will makes a major contribution to this management practice.  This stems from Noel Tichy’s involvement in General Electric at all levels through much of Jack Welch’s revolution. This book is really three books in one It is first a vibrant […]

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