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Using Systems Thinking Strategically

Complimentary archived webinar from August 13, 2013

Webinar Presenter

Robert Bradford

Robert Bradford

Robert Bradford has worked with hundreds of companies to create billions of dollars in value in strategic planning. Drawing on this experience, Robert has crystalized the three most successful steps YOU need to take to turn your company into an innovation powerhouse.

The author of Simplified Strategic Planning and several other books on strategy, Robert has conducted well over 1,000 strategic planning meetings in a wide range of industries.

Robert’s real-world experience in transforming companies – and industries – make him an ideal person to translate cutting edge strategic thinking into practical, actionable ideas for your business.

What if I told you there was a tool that would really do ALL of the following for you:

  • Figure out the BEST ways to respond to competitive situations in your industry.
  • Design new product offerings to get the best results from the market.
  • Make better decisions about capital improvements and acquisitions.
  • Set better pricing.
  • Assure you have the talent you need for your changing marketplace.

Wouldn’t you want to learn more about it?

In our upcoming webinar, USING SYSTEMS THINKING STRATEGICALLY, you will learn about all this, and more.

This 30 minute online program will give you a great foundation in:

  1. Identifying places to apply systems thinking
  2. Rapid systems analysis
  3. Modeling customer decisions
  4. Modeling competitive decisions
  5. Applying systems thinking strategically
  6. How to use systems thinking in your strategic planning

In an increasingly complex world, it has become clear that many organizations suffer from rapid change in the ways they connect to their markets, suppliers, employees and more. Without a quick, simple way to assess, understand and respond to these changes, even successful companies run the risk of becoming irrelevant in their markets.

By learning about strategic systems thinking, you will gain tools that will help you be a better tactitian and strategist, and you may well gain the ability to create game changing innovations in your industry.

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