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Strategic Planning Process Steps

Proper strategic planning process steps are necessary for the long-term success of an organization The results should guide the future course and direction of the company, and attain success as defined by the management. What are the important steps in good strategic planning? Market Segments One of the first significant subjects the team analyzes is […]

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Finding Strategic Issues that Lead to an Actionable Strategy

Finding Strategic Issues that the team must resolve to produce an actionable Strategy is key in Simplified Strategic Planning We find Strategic Issues with multiple diagnostic exercises.  One is an exercise we call “Winner’s Profile”. We do it for a couple of reasons. One is to help visualize what the future leader in your industry […]

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Why is Commitment Crucial to Strategy?

Why is commitment crucial and how does an organization get and keep it? Commitment means that senior management and key personnel throughout the company buy-in to driving the company forward to reach its  objectives.  Therefore, they have committed to the success of the company. Furthermore, they execute the strategies of the organization as effectively as […]

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Creating an Environment for Innovation: Innovation Process

Innovation Process In addition to creating an encouraging atmosphere, management must create some procedures to channel the innovation process. Although unstructured thoughts are necessary for brainstorming, they can lead to missed opportunities and wasted resources in the innovation process. The innovation process must be reasonably well structured First, management must create an environment to encourage […]

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Creating an Environment for Innovation – Part Four: Sources of Ideas

Sources of Ideas First of all, earlier we have discussed how brainstorming sessions can be sources of ideas for the innovation process. However, where do the ideas that are brought out in the brainstorming session come from? One area is inside the company. Your fellow employees are often good sources of ideas for improvements in […]

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