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Creating an Environment for Innovation – Part Three: Challenge

Challenge By setting forth a challenge to the appropriate people, top management will encourage innovation. Furthermore, without a challenge, there may be no drive to innovate and nothing to provide the impetus. For example, President John F. Kennedy challenged the nation to land on the moon by the end of the decade.  Consequently, that one […]

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Creating an Environment for Innovation – Part Two: Internal Communication

Internal communication is a key component of innovation The innovation process will be better when everyone understands the company goals and objectives.  Additionally, internal communication based on openness and trust helps to set this atmosphere. Internal communication, however, is a weakness in many companies For example, a recent article profiled a well-known company. In the […]

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Creating an Environment for Innovation – Part one: Creative Atmosphere

A creative atmosphere fosters innovation. This is a cultural matter you must encourage and nurture, but it is not as simple as flipping a switch. One must set an environment that encourages people to think in unusual and creative ways. This is not easy to accomplish when much of business is, by definition, so structured […]

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Technology Assessment – An Important Part of Strategic Planning

In developing our strategic plan, we spend significant time analyzing our market segments and our competition. There are other important factors which can affect our strategies, even our ability to continue in business as usual. Most organizations will have most or all of these factors.  However, there will be some which are not present or […]

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Succession planning – an important part of strategic planning

Succession planning for key personnel is an important part of good strategy.   Succession planning becomes even more important when the person involved is an owner.  Previously we have written about succession planning and the things an organization should do to assure continuity. Don’t wait too long to involve people in succession planning.  When a key […]

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