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Lessons Learned in Aligning an Organization. Two Way Communication is Key – Part 1

Part 1: Analysis of the problem By Denise A. Harrison, Senior Consultant Thoroughly discouraged — that summed up how I felt. For the past two years I had been president of a financial services firm and we had some key success metrics under our belt, the company was now solidly profitable, cycle time had decreased […]

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Overcoming Strategic Gaps–an Optics Design Case

By Denise Harrison Would integrated circuits be constrained by what could physically fit on a chip?  Heat and size issues were becoming constraints to what was possible with traditional technology.  Synopsys, a world leader in software and IP for semiconductor design and verification manufacturing, saw that its customers’ applications required more and more functionality in […]

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From Near-Bankruptcy to Market Leadership: LEGO’s Success is All about Childs’ Play

By Denise Harrison, Senior Consultant What would you do if you were faced with potential bankruptcy, with a product line that is over half a century old?  Product line extension? Expansion into new lines of business? Sell the company?  LEGO was facing this dilemma in 2001.  While the first step was to return profitability to […]

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The Importance of Scenarios when Dealing with Uncertainty

By Denise Harrison, Senior Consultant How can we better deal with uncertainty when we develop our strategic plan?  Many strategic planning teams struggle with this issue.  While it is important to understand what you know as facts and what your assumptions for the future are, I have found that some good scenario planning helps a […]

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Acquisition Candidate Selection

By Denise A. Harrison Note:  This article was originally printed in Compass Points June 2008. Often teams determine the best way to achieve a strategic objective is through acquisition. This decision will come after a thorough evaluation of the make vs. buy options. Once it is determined that an acquisition is part of the solution […]

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