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Strategic Alignment – Part One

Note:  This post is the first in a series of posts from Robert Bradford’s article Strategic Alignment originally posted in Compass Points in November 2002.  Part One introduces the topic and discusses the affect that the Purchasing and Accounting departments have on strategy. Over the years, several companies have asked me how I would go about getting departments […]

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Is There a Reason Why Your Team’s Good Ideas for New Products or Services Don’t Get Implemented?

M Dana Baldwin Does your organization have a tough time generating and implementing good opportunities for additional services or products?  Is there a major roadblock to approving them? We have written multiple articles about the importance of, and the good practices of, good idea generation for organizations.  Robert Bradford has published a series of papers […]

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Objectives that get done – how to get better results

By Robert W. Bradford One of the five key elements of getting better execution from your strategic planning is writing better objectives.  Ideally, the objective sets a clear target for implementation that helps focus the team and makes prioritization of action steps easier. One of the trickiest parts of writing a good objective is stating […]

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Getting Your Team On Board with Your Strategy

By Robert W. Bradford, President and CEO Is it difficult to get your team on board with the planning process and the strategies developed?   When I started doing strategic planning, decades ago, I found myself frustrated at how long it took most teams to struggle through the capabilities assessment (Page 3.1 in the Simplified Strategic […]

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Over 70% of Executives Surveyed Agree: Strategic Planning Efforts Lack a Systematic Approach

By Denise Harrison Many senior executives struggle to define a consistent approach to strategic planning.  How does it all fit together?  What information is necessary?  How do we prevent the process from becoming analysis/paralysis? Executives want a consistent process that: Looks systematically at external factors that influence the organization Evaluates internal strengths, weaknesses and competitive […]

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Communication: A Key Element of Building Trust

By M Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant Trust is a key element in business relationships.  Without trust, it can be much more difficult to get your people to engage effectively in your business.  It can be harder to get your message across to everyone in the business.  And it will most likely impede progress toward building […]

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