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Automate your strategy if you want to lose

Quantitative Approaches to Strategic Planning or Qualitative? Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a great increase in what I think of as automated strategic planning.  Some heavily quantitative approaches (like balanced scorecard) can be part of a good strategic planning process.  The problem I notice is that often, companies use these approaches as a […]

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Why Strategic Plans Fail and Techniques to Keep Yours Alive

Why strategic plans fail.  In my last post, I talked about the issues people have with keeping their strategic planning alive.  Today, I’d like to discuss some specific techniques I’ve seen companies use routinely to solve those problems.  Companies that achieved 100% of their objectives and had excellent financial performance used these tips. Treat the planning […]

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Beating Competitors with the Winner’s Profile

The Winner’s Profile is one of my favorite exercises in the Simplified Strategic Planning process.  In it, you identify the key attributes that will make your company a clear winner in the long term. The Winner’s Profile is a visionary conclusion to the assumptions portion of the planning process and a beginning of strategy formulation.  […]

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Why Strategic Plans Do Fail

Over the years, I’ve met many wonderful executives in my speaking and the simplified strategic planning seminar.  I’m sad and perplexed when the CEO leaves the seminar inspired to do great strategic planning – and then falters.  While some companies find difficulty in completing the first cycle, their process often falters after successfully completing the […]

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