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Why is commitment crucial and how does an organization get and keep it?

Commitment means that senior management and key personnel throughout the company buy-in to driving the company forward to reach its  objectives.  Therefore, they have committed to the success of the company. Furthermore, they execute the strategies of the organization as effectively as possible.  Finally, their actions reflect the level of commitment they have and inspire those around them to excel.

Why is it important to have commitment?

In today’s competitive environment, it is essential for the organization to excel at developing and executing its strategies, mission, goals and objectives.  Anything less could allow openings for its competition to gain market share and hurt the performance of the company.

There also are more human reasons for expecting commitment

By having high expectations, and taking actions to reinforce them, the company reaffirms its commitment to each individual.  Also, setting high goals and having people achieve them is difficult unless there is a two-way commitment between the individual and the company.

The individual needs to commit to doing well for the organization to succeed competitively

The company needs to give its people the tools and backing needed so the individual succeeds in performing their role. First, where feasible, involve people in the decision-making processes of the company.  Many people have good ideas about how to improve things, or what new things could be done by the company.  Second, ask them for input and give them positive feedback, even when their idea is not currently appropriate for the company.

How does an organization get commitment and, more importantly, keep it over time?

First of all, give the individual the tools and authority needed to do their jobs effectively. Furthermore, give them the backing so that when they make a mistake, it becomes a learning opportunity, not a penalty.  Finally, establish a culture which reinforces commitment, not one that tears it down.  This starts at the very top of an organization, and can be one of the key factors in the overall success of the company.

If your company is having trouble with commitment, a good place to start is by updating or building your strategic plan.

We can help you create actionable strategies and build buy-in as you develop your strategic plan.  Attend the Simplified Strategic Planning Seminar to learn more about this and other aspects of Simplified Strategic Planning.

Author, M. Dana Baldwin

Author, M. Dana Baldwin

M. Dana Baldwin is a Senior Consultant with Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, Inc. He can be reached by email at:

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