Denise Harrison; EVP & COO
Recently I was discussing action plan progress (or lack of progress) with the action plan team. I asked the team what are the milestones for next month? What do we need to be doing in order to achieve our objective? It surprised me that the team could not identify the next steps to achieve a key milestone in the action plan. Once we clarified the steps the team was able to start working on the specifics and understood why the deadlines were important for each step in achieving the next key milestone.

During your monitoring action plan review it is essential that the key steps are laid out for the next month or two months. However, it is more important that the team members responsible for the steps understand why the steps and the timing of the steps are critical to achieve the overall action plan objective or achieve a key milestone within a plan.

Take the time in your monitoring meetings to ensure that you have the clear path defined for each action plan for the next month’s activity. If you have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and why it needs to be done your will find your team will be able to execute more efficiently.

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