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Internal Communication

Internal Communication

Internal communication is a key component of innovation

The innovation process will be better when everyone understands the company goals and objectives.  Additionally, internal communication based on openness and trust helps to set this atmosphere.

Internal communication, however, is a weakness in many companies

For example, a recent article profiled a well-known company. In the article, one of the key shop employees would not share his knowledge about his job for two reasons. First, he feared that management would use this to redesign his job, forcing him to work flat-out all day. Second, he feared that management would use this to outsource the work, putting him out of a job. From this you might suspect that there is little or no trust of management by the workforce.  An atmosphere for innovation and creativity needs trust.    Furthermore, the trust required to get people to open up and participate effectively takes years of hard work by management.

Note:  This post is the second in a series of posts from Dana Baldwin’s article Creating an Environment for Innovation originally posted in Compass Points.  The first post discussed how atmosphere fostors innovation.  The next post in this series will discuss how challenges can encourage innovation.  Attend the Simplified Strategic Planning Seminar to learn more about this and other aspects of Simplified Strategic Planning.

Author, M. Dana Baldwin

Author, M. Dana Baldwin

M. Dana Baldwin is a Senior Consultant with Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, Inc. He can be reached by email at:

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