By Denise Harrison, EVP and COO

Some companies are using social media to position themselves as thought leaders in their industry; others are using it to provide information and better customer service. Other companies are perplexed at how social media can help them. There are many examples of how to use the various forms of social media, but recently I ran across a video by Wm. W. Meyer on how to clean a drive slide. While you may not be interested in how to clean a drive slide, the video provides a good example of how you can use social media, in this case YouTube, to bring your product manual instructions to life.

As you develop your strategic plan your team should be looking at ways to use social media to:
• Raise your visibility by becoming seen as a thought leader in your industry
• Enhance your customer service by providing videos of how to fix or maintain your products
• Find candidates to fill open positions
• Find suppliers

Some of the social media channels may seem foreign to many folks who grew up when the fax machine was a new invention and PCs had not yet been invented. Your team needs to evaluate how these communication channels can reach your customers and potential customers.  Remember for some of your customers  social media channels are the normal course of interaction. I will cover other thoughts regarding social media and strategic planning in future posts.

I know many of you are successful at using social media. I would love to see your examples – please respond to this blog to show how you are using social media.

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