Strategic Planning Expert Denise Harrison

Strategic Planning Expert
Denise Harrison

Strategy Bits – Part 2

By Denise A. Harrison

We are posting a series of blog articles with tips for your strategic planning.  This is the second one.   These tips are taken from the article Strategy Tips first published in Compass Points in June 2004.

Innovation: Where to look for it
A recent Compass Points article reviewed potential sources for innovative ideas. One source was looking to another industry for innovative ideas and processes.

A Wall Street Journal article (4/9/04) discussed how Allegheny General Hospital looked to the automotive industry for ideas. They took the concept of root cause analysis and applied it to their intensive care unit. Once they identified the root cause of infections they were able to change procedures and lower the incidence of infections by 90% saving the hospital $500,000 per year.

Strategy Tip: Look around; good ideas abound in other industries. What is even better, they have streamlined the application. One word of caution: be sure to understand what adjustments need to be made for your industry before moving ahead.

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