A Fundamental Element of Strategic Planning

By Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant

Strategic Planning Expert

Strategic Planning Expert

Listing of a company’s strengths and weaknesses are a normal part of any attempt at strategic planning for virtually all companies.  Why do we perform these analyses, and what do we expect to learn by doing them? To be sure the company is headed in the right direction, a competent, thoughtful review and updating of your strengths and weaknesses is a fundamental element of good strategic planning.  We are publishing a series of articles with elements of analysis of strengths and weaknesses explored in each article.  This is the fourth article in the series.

When you have laid the groundwork for your team to begin analyzing your strengths and weaknesses by setting out expectations and limitations as discussed above, your leader should throw the floor open for ideas. While there is no single list of appropriate topics that is right for every company, a good list to consider should include (but certainly not be limited to) the following:

At the whole company level:

Impact on others both inside and outside the company

Products and/or Services
Distinguishing features or lack thereof
Competitive advantages/disadvantages
Services or Features we ‘wrap around’ our product or service
Examples: Post sale service or pre-sale engineering
Speed of delivery
Installation and or service capabilities

Customer attitudes

Customer Perceptions
Attitudes towards customers
Customer service levels
Customer satisfaction levels

In our final article, we will discuss somewhat more extensively what to look for and discuss which could come out of the listing above.

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M. Dana Baldwin is a Senior Consultant with Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, Inc. He can be reached by email at: baldwin@cssp.com

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