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Customer Loyalty — Is it Your Company’s Priority?

By M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant This article was previously published in Compass Points in November 2007 Most companies advertise their loyalty to their customers, but how many really are as loyal as they profess to be? What specific actions have they committed to which will build true customer loyalty? How is customer loyalty really measured? Where […]

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Kodak’s Big Bet: “To Be or Not To Be”

By Thomas E. Ambler, Senior Consultant Reprinted from Course & Direction May 2007 Since the millennium Eastman Kodak Co. has been under attack by a Killer App known as Digital Imaging. In the last several years it has suffered the loss of much of its historical core business (as much as 20% per year) and […]

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Are you frustrated by the lack of results in your strategic planning efforts?

We are interested in your thoughts: Why doesn’t your strategic planning process work? – please take our confidential survey by clicking on: Many CEOs would like to make their strategic planning process more effective – what areas would you like to enhance? Are you frustrated by the laundry lists without priorities? How do you decide […]

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Etsy: Can a company outgrow its Niche?

by Margaret Lawrence Etsy is often described as the “world’s largest flea market”. Since its beginnings in 2005, the company has created a vibrant on-line community of buyers and sellers of “handmade” and vintage items as well as craft supplies, it’s the online home for hobbyists who want to operate on a small scale. Etsy’s […]

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Strategy: Turning Trash into Treasure

By Denise Harrison, Executive Vice President and COO Discussions concerning waste disposal and environmental impact are showing up more frequently during strategic plan development. With disposal costs and environmental regulations increasing, companies are finding creative ways to deal with their waste. Here is one example. Cheese Brine Cheese production in Wisconsin is big business; – […]

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Fine Tune your Value Chain: Create a Lasting Competitive Advantage

by Margaret Lawrence Good strategic planning begins with customer focus.  Knowing your market is critical, deciding which segments to pursue is a priority, but the process does not end there.  To compete effectively, you need to create value for your customers in ways your competitors can’t.   Look to your value chain to accomplish this.  What […]

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