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Real Differentiation

How can you tell when your distinction is real? This question comes up often in strategic planning meetings because real differentiation is extremely important in almost all markets.  It’s also an important question because we tend towards a kind of self-delusion that comes up in strategic planning.  By making ourselves think we are better than […]

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The High Margin Strategy

As you may know from Simplified Strategic Planning, we tend to counsel companies to pursue either the low cost/price strategy (think Henry Ford or Sam Walton) or one of the two specialty strategies, differentiation or niche strategies.  All three are good, but we tend to favor the specialty strategies because the profit margins are higher.  […]

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Why We Aren’t Bold

Pursuing a competitive advantage strategy One of the biggest struggles in strategy is pushing a bold, distinctive identity for your company and brand.  This is so common that we start the strategic planning process assuming that we haven’t pushed the envelope.  We need solid reasons to venture out into (sometimes uncomfortable) new territory. There are […]

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Beating Competitors with the Winner’s Profile

The Winner’s Profile is one of my favorite exercises in the Simplified Strategic Planning process.  In it, you identify the key attributes that will make your company a clear winner in the long term. The Winner’s Profile is a visionary conclusion to the assumptions portion of the planning process and a beginning of strategy formulation.  […]

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Rapidly Changing Competition – How To Deal with It

Rapidly Changing Competition There is one consistent message I hear from CEOs all over the world.  Competition is tough and getting tougher.  But what, exactly, does that mean?  Does it mean there are more competitors, or that competitors have more resources than they did in the past?  Or does it mean something completely different? The […]

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