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Protectionism and Strategy – When is Protection Good?

Protectionism with tariffs in your country is often seen as a benefit to companies, especially manufacturers. The idea is that when countries put a tariff on imports of products similar to yours, you gain an advantage in your domestic marketplace. If they place a 25% tariff upon similar goods entering your country, your foreign competitors […]

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How to be the Disruptor

The best defense is sometimes a good offense.  One of the most successful strategies I’ve used with clients is to stop worrying about disruption as a threat.  Instead, become the company that is disrupting your industry.  In some cases, this is easier said than done.  There are a few simple steps you should take, however, […]

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How to Thrive Through Disruption With Strategic Competency

Market disruption happens in just about every industry, no matter how mature it is. How is it that some players seem to shrug off or even thrive through disruption, while others are ruined?  One of the keys to a successful response to disruption is strategic competency. In our Simplified Strategic Planning seminar and our book […]

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How to Respond to Disruption When You See It Coming

Disruption strategy – What to do when you see disruption coming. In my last two articles, I discussed types of disruption and how to anticipate disruption in your industry.  In this article, we’ll take a look at what steps you can take when you see disruption coming. When disruption threatens your markets, it’s easy to […]

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Market Disruption and Strategy – How to See It Coming

The past two decades have seen market disruption spreading in ripples through almost every industry.  In some, market disruption has been the new normal – and in others, a hope that disruption will pass persists.  Whatever the past or current state of your industry and markets, anticipating new disruption is now critical to strategy. Seeing […]

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Market Disruption and Strategy – Here Are the Types

Market disruption is a catchy phrase that describes changes which redefine many elements of competition in markets. These changes sometime even eliminate markets altogether.  One of the examples from the past few decades is when online travel websites displaced travel agents.  Another example was the migration of some manufacturing activities to China.  Yet another example […]

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