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This is How Communication Improves Your Strategic Planning

Most executives and their teams agree that they should  plan the future course and direction of their organization with strategic planning. This is to help them optimize the overall results, both top line and bottom line, for their organization. How many people think beyond the basics of strategic planning to consider the deeper implications? They […]

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How Many Market Segments Should You Have to be Successful?

One of the benefits of doing a huge number of strategic plans is that we get to see lots of variations.  I started my work in strategic planning with a suspicion that I knew the right number of market segments to analyze.  Actually developing a plan with more – or less – market segments, however, […]

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Can You Do Good Strategic Planning in One Day?

An unfortunately frequent request I get is to do the entire strategic planning process in one day.  While this looks like an efficient way to do things, there are three pitfalls I’d rather see you avoid. Expecting to have all the information you need to create good strategy without spending time on the process of […]

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How to Think Strategically Beyond Profits

One of the big issues we run into in strategic planning is the overwhelming pressure to maximize profits. I’m not saying profit is a bad thing.  Profit is, after all, what attracts investors and often, good management.  In our society, it’s accepted that the primary responsibility of the company and its management is to optimize […]

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How To Do Better Strategic Planning

Many companies could do better strategic planning. Often, the process consists of a group of staff people going off to a resort or someone’s cabin in the woods for a weekend to hash out what they conceive is a strategic plan. All too often, though, this exercise is more of an excuse to get away […]

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The Value of Know-How

One of the key concepts in successful strategic planning is your organization’s strategic competency. Simply put, a competency is a set of skills, processes and knowledge which are used to create value for your customers.  We often use the term “know-how” to sum this up.  Know-how that is strategically useful is rarely something you can […]

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