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Successful Objectives – The What and the Why

Objectives are one of the key outputs of the strategic planning process. Your team’s strategic planning discussions accomplish three broad results. First and foremost are your strategies: Strategies are your sense of vision as to the course and direction of the company.  What will you do in each of your market segments – your core […]

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How to Successfully Deal with Uncertainty

Many executives face the prospect of strategic planning with a certain amount of dread.  Some of this may be the result of poorly designed processes that make strategy meetings dull and useless, but some comes from the anxiety we feel when we consider an uncertain future.  This anxiety comes from three main issues: The future […]

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Do You Have Strategic Planning Problems?

What are your strategic planning problems?  Many executives know they need a strategic plan but are left unsatisfied with their planning efforts.  Therefore, we would like to know what you find most frustrating/disappointing about your strategic planning process. Please click on the link below to answer a short survey about Strategic Planning: If you […]

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Strategic Planning in Uncertain Times

We live, as the old proverb says, in interesting times.  This can be exciting – especially if you are the disruptor, changing the industry you are in.  It can also be frightening, and it can make good planning extremely difficult.  When markets, regulations, the economy and technology all seem to be changing randomly and harmfully, […]

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Strategic Planning Process Steps

Proper strategic planning process steps are necessary for the long-term success of an organization The results should guide the future course and direction of the company, and attain success as defined by the management. What are the important steps in good strategic planning? Market Segments One of the first significant subjects the team analyzes is […]

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Automate your strategy if you want to lose

Quantitative Approaches to Strategic Planning or Qualitative? Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a great increase in what I think of as automated strategic planning.  Some heavily quantitative approaches (like balanced scorecard) can be part of a good strategic planning process.  The problem I notice is that often, companies use these approaches as a […]

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