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How to Think Strategically Beyond Profits

One of the big issues we run into in strategic planning is the overwhelming pressure to maximize profits. I’m not saying profit is a bad thing.  Profit is, after all, what attracts investors and often, good management.  In our society, it’s accepted that the primary responsibility of the company and its management is to optimize […]

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How To Do Better Strategic Planning

Many companies could do better strategic planning. Often, the process consists of a group of staff people going off to a resort or someone’s cabin in the woods for a weekend to hash out what they conceive is a strategic plan. All too often, though, this exercise is more of an excuse to get away […]

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The Value of Know-How

One of the key concepts in successful strategic planning is your organization’s strategic competency. Simply put, a competency is a set of skills, processes and knowledge which are used to create value for your customers.  We often use the term “know-how” to sum this up.  Know-how that is strategically useful is rarely something you can […]

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Here are the Reasons to Write Your Mission Statement Later

Previously, I discussed the dubious reasons why some want to write the mission statement earlier in the strategic planning process.  To read my previous article, click here. Today, I’d like to discuss the positive reasons why it makes sense to write the mission statement later.  This will round out your understanding of this part of […]

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This is Why You Should Never Start With a Mission Statement

Some people are confused by the intentional delay of considering the mission statement to the second meeting. The arguments against doing the mission statement later fall into three categories: It’s the most important thing in strategic planning Everything else will change, depending on what your mission is You cannot do (some specific step) if you […]

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This is Why Stable Strategic Planning Powers Your Success

I have some clients that do their strategic planning irregularly.  They will plan annually for a couple of years, and then take a break for a year or two.  While sometimes skipping a cycle makes sense, doing strategic planning routinely every year is tremendously valuable.   First, implementation is the main reason consistent, routine strategic […]

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