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This is What You Do When You Don’t Have Time for Strategic Planning

Help!  We don’t have time for strategic planning!  I’ve heard variations of this plea dozens of times in the past few years.  Clearly, some companies get into situations where the management team needs to focus on specific issues that come up – either by design or happenstance.  Maybe your company is one of them.  How […]

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Successful Strategic Planning – The Best Way to Get Started

CEOs often find their strategic plan is not strategic and not well thought out.  How can you prevent that from happening?  How do you uncover the real issues facing your company? For successful strategic planning, don’t start cold and be sure you have a robust process. First of all, the team should be the top […]

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How to Avoid the Most Common Challenges of Strategic Planning

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This is How Communication Improves Your Strategic Planning

Most executives and their teams agree that they should  plan the future course and direction of their organization with strategic planning. This is to help them optimize the overall results, both top line and bottom line, for their organization. How many people think beyond the basics of strategic planning to consider the deeper implications? They […]

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How Many Market Segments Should You Have to be Successful?

One of the benefits of doing a huge number of strategic plans is that we get to see lots of variations.  I started my work in strategic planning with a suspicion that I knew the right number of market segments to analyze.  Actually developing a plan with more – or less – market segments, however, […]

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Can You Do Good Strategic Planning in One Day?

An unfortunately frequent request I get is to do the entire strategic planning process in one day.  While this looks like an efficient way to do things, there are three pitfalls I’d rather see you avoid. Expecting to have all the information you need to create good strategy without spending time on the process of […]

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