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Here are the Reasons to Write Your Mission Statement Later

Previously, I discussed the dubious reasons why some want to write the mission statement earlier in the strategic planning process.  To read my previous article, click here. Today, I’d like to discuss the positive reasons why it makes sense to write the mission statement later.  This will round out your understanding of this part of […]

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This is Why You Should Never Start With a Mission Statement

Some people are confused by the intentional delay of considering the mission statement to the second meeting. The arguments against doing the mission statement later fall into three categories: It’s the most important thing in strategic planning Everything else will change, depending on what your mission is You cannot do (some specific step) if you […]

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This is Why Stable Strategic Planning Powers Your Success

I have some clients that do their strategic planning irregularly.  They will plan annually for a couple of years, and then take a break for a year or two.  While sometimes skipping a cycle makes sense, doing strategic planning routinely every year is tremendously valuable.   First, implementation is the main reason consistent, routine strategic […]

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Successful Objectives – The What and the Why

Objectives are one of the key outputs of the strategic planning process. Your team’s strategic planning discussions accomplish three broad results. First and foremost are your strategies: Strategies are your sense of vision as to the course and direction of the company.  What will you do in each of your market segments – your core […]

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How to Successfully Deal with Uncertainty

Many executives face the prospect of strategic planning with a certain amount of dread.  Some of this may be the result of poorly designed processes that make strategy meetings dull and useless, but some comes from the anxiety we feel when we consider an uncertain future.  This anxiety comes from three main issues: The future […]

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Do You Have Strategic Planning Problems?

What are your strategic planning problems?  Many executives know they need a strategic plan but are left unsatisfied with their planning efforts.  Therefore, we would like to know what you find most frustrating/disappointing about your strategic planning process. Please click on the link below to answer a short survey about Strategic Planning: If you […]

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