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Lessons Learned: How Good Strategy Can Be Hurt by Poor Execution-Caterpillar Identifies an Attractive Market; but Outcome Hurts Bottom-Line

By Denise Harrison, Executive Vice President & COO “As part of Caterpillar’s strategy the company has identified the mining industry and improved support of its customers as one of Caterpillar’s key imperatives.” (Press release, 11/10/11) What trends did Caterpillar see that made the mining industry attractive?  The trends that were identified included: Current and future […]

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How do you keep good employees? Hint: It may not be what you think.

By Denise Harrison, Executive Vice President & COO A CEO was perplexed by recent attrition in his customer service area.  What was causing this outflow of talent?  Pay was at or above the norm for positions in this area, yet several of his key employees had left.  Has this happened to you? Are you concerned […]

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Is an Executive Coach Worth the Time and Cost?

By M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant As a C-level Executive, life in the office can be a lonely experience.  Each executive has few peers, and each of their peers has different responsibilities, different skills, different work atmospheres and different personalities.  While each C-level executive shares some of the same inputs and motivations, each one has […]

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Dare to be Different – How Choosing a Road Less Traveled Allowed Cummins Engine to Outstrip Their Competition

by Denise Harrison, Executive Vice President & COO Follow the leader – or dare to be different – which works better?  The Center for Simplified Strategic Planning challenges client teams to dare to be different – based on our experience of working with many companies, this approach works best.  We have found that teams that […]

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Succession Planning – Important Items to Consider

By Denise Harrison, Vice President Recently I spoke with a company Chairman who was frustrated with the performance of the company’s CEO, but there was little that could be done about the situation.  Due to the ownership structure of the company, it was going to be difficult to make changes.  How could this happen? Often […]

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How Agile is Your Company?

by M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant Great Companies develop Strategic Plans which incorporate agility in execution.  What is generally meant by being agile? Most companies intend to carry out their goal of being agile by becoming more responsive, more sensitive to meeting their customers’ needs and preferences and doing all of this more rapidly. How […]

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